Welcome to Design, in Confidence

September 19, 2021 00:04:42
Welcome to Design, in Confidence
Design, in confidence
Welcome to Design, in Confidence

Sep 19 2021 | 00:04:42


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Do you ever feel that creativity and innovation come with anxiety, overwhelm, and a lot of insecurity?
Stefano Bellucci Sessa does. Every week, he will share – in confidence – learnings, struggles, and reflections from his UX and service design career (and nerdiness for mindfulness, psychology, and mental health), and how – despite all the mental challenges – he builds his creative confidence to facilitate design thinking and lean innovation in startups, private businesses and public sector organisations.
Whether you are a designer, entrepreneur, leader of a creative team, or anyone who wants to change, find out how to grow confidence and the emotional intelligence needed to innovate your business and transform your life.




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Speaker 0 00:00:00 Welcome to design in confidence, hosted by me, Stefan abilities. Creativity is amazing. It helps us solve problems and explore new opportunities. But after many years of experience, I've learned how innovation and change comes with many risks and knowns and failures. So they are not easy and they need a lot of critic confidence. You're probably already know this. If you're a designer, a leader of a team, or you want to change your life or innovate your business, and I'm making this part, this for you, because in confidence, I will share how mindfulness and design help designing confidence. Yes, I do like funds. You will learn about design, creativity, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. By listening to all the things I wish I knew earlier in my creative life design career and innovation projects and in confidence, how design and mindfulness helped me manage my mental life. You can find details of my career on my website, www stefano.studio. Speaker 0 00:01:13 But now in a nutshell, I will tell you that you took many different shapes as a product designer, visual designer, service designer, innovation consultant. And I've been both a freelancer and in a house designer for startups and bigger organizations. I was an instructor. I plan and organize creative events. And people told me you're so intelligent, but here on design in confidence, or we share with you in confidence that I always feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, scared, insecure, and vulnerable. And yes, even if I worked with people from all over the world in international projects in confidence, my insecurity makes every good comment sound in my head. Like if he was told by my mum, <inaudible> here in confidence, I will share with you in confidence. How many times I had voices in my head that would express my emotions and thoughts. And many times I didn't manage them. Speaker 0 00:02:15 They stopped me from making my ideas, come to life and making my voice count. They led me to a few regrets in my projects, career and life. They made me not a good designer, not a good teammate, not a good leader and not a good friend. And I wasn't really aware that this was happening. I became aware, thanks to acting mindfulness and therapy because thanks to them. I started to be more of an expert on my emotions and thoughts. Now I'm aware of when these bodies make me a bad designer and I'm learning what to do to avoid. You made me aware of my strengths and weaknesses and also understand others better. And these have me to collaborate with others, have them grow and lead them on projects. Some people that didn't feel creative, innovated that organizations, some people that didn't feel good designers found jobs. Speaker 0 00:03:15 Some people that didn't feel it was okay to share the fears, reach out to me. I have many build their creative confidence. This is why I started design in confidence. I wish that we view in confidence, my learnings, where they wish they knew or would have done or what I should have done in my design career, how I took care of my mental health or didn't manage to on innovation projects, I will do it without complex or fancy design words. So then my learnings are accessible also for those who without design or creative in that job title, because everyone designs, everyone is creative and everyone can innovate. If you want to innovate and build your creative confidence with mindful design and emotional intelligence, subscribe to design in confidence, you can also contact [email protected]. If you have any tips on how you design your creative confidence so that we all together make this podcast relevant to many dissenters so that we all together can have better conversations on how we can innovate by designing our critic confidence. Speaker 1 00:04:35 Uh,

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