Being bad at mindfulness and design

Episode 18 April 26, 2022 00:16:35
Being bad at mindfulness and design
Design, in confidence
Being bad at mindfulness and design

Apr 26 2022 | 00:16:35


Show Notes

After a long Covid break, I'm back for the last episode of season 1.

In confidence, even after a season of a podcast, I think I'm a bad podcaster.
In confidence, even after 10 years of experience in design and innovation, I think I'm a bad innovator.
In confidence, even after a mindfulness course, I think I'm not aware and in control of my emotions and thoughts. 

In confidence, I will share how I keep going, despite feeling I should quit and give up. 

Listen if you struggle to deal with failure and mistakes, you keep quitting, and without managing to keep the life or career change. 




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