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A mindfulness and design podcast on building your creative confidence while taking care of your mental health

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November 29, 2022 00:10:00
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Managing climate anxiety by imagining preferable future

Do you also get anxious about thinking about the future because of climate change? Stefano Bellucci Sessa does.He'll share in the future how mindfulness and therapy are helping.  Meanwhile, I announce There&Wow, a personal newsletter on how I manage to imagine a preferable future in times of ecological and climate emergency. ===For more on Climate Anxiety, check:  ===Track: SummerMusic composed and recorded by Oak StudiosCreative Commons - Attribution ND 4.0 ...



April 26, 2022 00:16:35
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Being bad at mindfulness and design

After a long Covid break, I'm back for the last episode of season 1. In confidence, even after a season of a podcast, I think I'm a bad podcaster.In confidence, even after 10 years of experience in design and innovation, I think I'm a bad innovator.In confidence, even after a mindfulness course, I think I'm not aware and in control of my emotions and thoughts.  In confidence, I will share how I keep going, despite feeling I should quit and give up.  Listen if you struggle to deal with failure and mistakes, you keep quitting, and without managing to keep the life or career change.  ------SHOWNOTES -----Track: Summer VibesMusic composed and recorded by Oak StudiosCreative Commons - Attribution ND 4.0 ...



March 18, 2022 00:19:32
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Is UX Design really for you?

I asked this question many times to myself.And I've been asked by many people I mentor.  I met people unsure whether starting a UX course is a good choice.I met career changers who struggle to define themselves as UX designers.I met people unsatisfied with their UX job, because it doesn't live up to the expectations.And I was one of them too. In this episode, I'll share my learnings on what limited and confused perception of the UX industry I had, and how I managed to navigate the human-centred-design industry beyond that.Listen to this episode if you want to understand what skills a UX designer MUST have, and what other similar careers exist: service design, organisational design, business design and more. So that you can make a mindful design decision on whether User Experience Design is the right career solution for you.---SHOWNOTES ---Track: RunMusic composed and recorded by Oak StudiosCreative Commons - Attribution ND 4.0 ...



February 22, 2022 00:15:45
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What's your design mindset?

We are all designers, but what type of designers are you?This episode is not about WHAT we design: services, budgets, businesses, interactions. It's about the HOW, which is what makes us uniquely different.  Listen to understand how to better compare with others, mitigate your biases, define your unique added value, your impact and your sense of accomplishment.And most of all, manage your mental health as a designer.    --- SHOWNOTES ---Track: RunMusic composed and recorded by Oak StudiosCreative Commons - Attribution ND 4.0 ...



February 08, 2022 00:10:55
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Initiative: the key to creativity, adding value and career progression

"DARE":it means "be brave" in English,"to give" in Italian.I love this coincidence.It shows me how we can contribute with what makes us unexpectedly unique: having the creative confidence of going beyond the limits asked or expected.For that, we need initiative.It's requested in workplaces. Needed for promotions.Makes new business start. Transformations to start.But since it's not often discussed, I share what I've learned about it. ...



January 25, 2022 00:12:49
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Why client management is hard?

Have you ever had a client from hell? Maybe with unrealistic expectations or harsh feedback? I did, but with time I started to learn that most of the time the client wasn't the problem: I was.Or, sometimes, we were just doing our best, trying to figure out how to collaborate together.  If you are a freelancer or a consultant, learn more on how to mindfully build better client relationships by listening to this episode.  --- SHOWNOTES  ---  ...